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Tomor Stone: Floors and External and internal coverings

Natural stone

Discover the Limestone Extracted from Mount Tomor

A Natural Work of Art for Durable and Refined Flooring

Natural floors

Tomor Stone is an excellent natural limestone, carefully quarried from the majestic Mount Tomor located in Albania, at an altitude between 1300 and 1600 meters.


Its extraction takes place in unique conditions, giving this stone distinctive characteristics that make it ideal for various uses.


Among its most notable properties stand out the extraordinary resistance to freeze and thaw cycles and the impermeability to oils and bitumen.

Presenting itself in the form of hollow split limestone slabs, the Tomor Stone stands out for the color shades of the Sienese lands, adding a natural and fascinating touch to any environment

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Public Works

Presenting itself in the form of hollow split limestone slabs, with shades that recall the Sienese lands, this stone lends itself perfectly to various applications, from paving driveways and pedestrian paths to squares, paving, green areas, swimming pools, coverings for retaining walls , columns, free facades and traditional masonry.


The unique combination of strength and aesthetics gives the Tomor Stone a distinctive character, elegantly adapting it to urban and public environments.

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Residential Projects

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Thanks to its unique qualities, this stone is particularly suitable for covering rustic interiors and residential exteriors.

Its presence is also appreciated in coverings for retaining walls, columns, free facades and traditional walls.

We are happy to offer you our expertise and availability to satisfy any of your requests. With Tomor Stone, we guarantee not only a solid and durable architectural solution, but also a touch of elegance inspired by the natural beauty of its shades.

Who we are

Our company

The Pietra Tomor company is the result of the entrepreneurial vision of Edmond Shaqiri, originally from Albania and a naturalized Italian for a long time. With a solid background in the construction industry, Edmond decided in 2005 to found his company, inspired by the natural beauty of Albanian stone.

Thanks to its dedication and passion, Pietra Tomor has established itself  in the market, offering unique solutions that celebrate the harmonious fusion between nature and building art.


Foundation year


Completed projects



Edmond Shaqiri

Founder, TOMOR STONE © 

Our services

We work to meet your every need

We carefully take care of every stage of the process, from selection to extraction of the stone, guaranteeing an impeccable result that arrives directly at the construction site with the highest quality.

Commercial construction

Residential construction

Construction site management

Special projects

Infrastructure construction

Greenery design

What do we do

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