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Tomor Stone's Vision:

Excellence in Natural Stone for Residential and Public Cladding


The company

Welcome to the official page of the Pietra Tomor company, founded with passion by Edmond Shaqiri, an Albanian naturalized Italian entrepreneur, deeply involved in the construction sector. In 2005, Edmond decided to start his own business, with the aim of combining the natural beauty of Albanian stone with the evocative Italian landscapes


Pietra Tomor has its headquarters in Francavilla al Mare, in the picturesque province of Chieti. The choice of this location is not random; the contrast between the sea and the surrounding hills strongly inspired Edmond in the creation of his company, which today stands out for the quality of the materials offered and the attention to detail.

Edmond Shaqiri: Your Main Interlocutor

Edmond is the beating heart of Pietra Tomor and is personally involved in sourcing materials and managing deliveries. You can count on him to ensure that the desired stone is available at our warehouse in Francavilla al Mare or, if necessary, it will be transported directly from Albania to ensure the highest quality

Advantageous Quality-Price Ratio:

The stone offered by Pietra Tomor not only has numerous advantages in terms of resistance and beauty, but also a highly competitive price on the Italian market. We are proud to offer a winning choice for those looking for quality materials without compromising their budget.

Tailor-made service throughout Italy:

Although our headquarters are in Abruzzo, we are ready to satisfy the needs of customers from all regions of Italy. Edmond and his collaborators will be happy to organize meetings in your city, whether you are in Umbria, Marche, Emilia Romagna or elsewhere. The most beautiful projects have been created thanks to our personalized attention and our willingness to travel to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

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